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r360 Announces Strategic Relationship With Redmont Consulting Group

January 12, 2016

r360, LLC has formed a Strategic Alliance with Redmont Consulting Group, LLC to provide additional economic and community development consulting services to cities and towns across the U.S. r360 focuses on providing retail research, market analysis and recrutment solutions to communities looking to expand their retail tenant base, create jobs and grow their retail sales tax revenues. 

The Next Generation of Live, Work, Play

January 07, 2016

Thinking “outside the box,” how can rural America outcompete big cities for top talent? Be cool and be unique. Times are changing — and at a much faster pace than ever have before. Since the invention of air conditioning in 1902 in Buffalo, N.Y., by Cornell graduate Willis Carrier (allowing us to live almost anywhere) to the invention of the smartphone in 1994 (allowing us to work almost everywhere), where we work and when we work have been in flux.

Is FDI Still Booming?

January 07, 2016

On balance it is, and the US is a much more welcoming recipient of that investment than ever before. Foreign direct investment (FDI) is a popular topic in the US these days. Economic development agencies from states to small communities have boosted their international activities and are opening international offices, organizing trade missions and attending trade shows everywhere from Hannover to Hong Kong.

Of This You Can Be Certain

January 07, 2016

Benjamin Franklin is credited with saying, “Nothing is certain, but death and taxes.” While there may be certainty around both of those inevitabilities, there is often great uncertainty among business owners and managers about how tax policy (and tax and non-tax business incentives) affects different types of business operations — and, ultimately, their operation’s tax burden.

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