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RCG offers four core services to its Clients:  Location Advisory Services, Incentive Negotiation Services, Economic & Community Development Services, and Project Advisory Services.  RCG utilizes a team approach to provide solutions that are Quantitatively and Qualitatively Superior in order to assist our Clients in making distinctive and substantial improvements in their operating performance and overall value.  To achieve this mission, the firm leverages the wisdom and practical experience of its principals to ensure the development and implementation of innovative strategies that allow our Clients to succeed and maximize the value of their investment decisions.


The RCG Model provides a cross-functional integrated solution that can be employed on either a menu-based or turn-key basis.  Working with RCG consultants, our Clients are able to supplement existing resources and relationships and thus expedite decision-making and ultimately execution.  RCG is unyielding in its Pursuit of Excellence and its absolute Commitment to Customer Satisfaction and as a result, our Clients benefit by ensuring market delivery without compromising strategic objectives or ROI requirements.


RCG acts as a single point of contact, managing the relationships and resources necessary to achieve the successful completion of any corporate relocation/expansion project. RCG actively coordinates each aspect of the selection process to ensure adherence to RCG’s strict quality standards. RCG has invested heavily in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, hardware, and data to execute scenario planning and spatial analysis of complex databases to assist our Clients in minimizing the critical path associated with project development.



We utilize a balanced and multifaceted approach that allows RCG to quickly and efficiently identify the critical success factors associated with project development and then align these factors with corporate goals and the expectations of Senior Management. We thoroughly analyze the multitude of factors that go into site selection. RCG then develops a hierarchy of considerations and rankings, which form the basis of our recommendations. This process, combined with a well-defined methodology allows our Clients to reach a location decision that is logical, defensible, and successful. RCG fully understands that our Client’s goals drive the site selection process and further, that our job is to make sure that these goals are achieved.


RCG recognizes that incentives are an important component of the site selection process when properly integrated with critical business and operational considerations. RCG works with its Clients (Public and Private) to develop and implement superior strategies that enable our Clients to significantly impact capital and operating scenarios. RCG utilizes a proven approach that entails understanding the needs of the specific project and Client, developing a detailed assessment of the project’s fiscal impacts, and quantifying the strengths and weaknesses of the finalist locations relative to the project. RCG then negotiates and documents a comprehensive package of incentives with the respective enabling entities that seeks to create a partnership between the parties.


RCG approaches incentive negotiations strategically and leverages its market knowledge with practical experience.  In accomplishing our Client’s goals, we pursue the highest standard of excellence, ethics, and professionalism and seek to identify solutions that offer the best overall fit for the project and provides for an optimal long-term operating environment.


Drawing upon our national site selection experience, RCG provides economic development solutions to federal, state, and local municipal entities that seek to attract investment and retain industry.  RCG embraces a balanced approach to economic and community development that helps economic development professionals improve the competitive position of their state, region, or community.


Using our proven methods and experience driven insight into the site selection process, we provide practical, results-oriented recommendations that range in scope from competitive positioning and marketing through to targeting business opportunities, institutional strengthening, and site development initiatives.  RCG seeks to provide it Clients in this arena with improved understanding of relevant industry trends, location drivers, investment considerations, and project specific requirements and by assisting them with the development of unique and distinctive investment propositions designed to maximize the overall economic value of their respective geographic boundaries.



RCG with and through its Strategic Partners provides its Clients with access to outsourced project development solutions that do not sacrifice control.  Through the extension of our relationships and drawing upon in-house expertise, RCG is able to guide its Clients efficiently through various components of project development.  Utilizing an engagement scope that is defined by the Client after considering the availability of internal resources and external relationships, RCG offers project management services that ensure your project is delivered on time and within project parameters.


We can assist with a broad scope of services and assistance that include but are not limited to financing, RFP management, permitting/environmental, real estate (brokerage/development), engineering/construction, accounting/tax, legal, HR/benefits, Information Technology, and logistics to name just a few.  The Client may, at its option, manage relationships individually with each functional service provider or use RCG to provide integrated project management services for the components desired.  The sole focus rests in the delivery of the project to achieve Client objectives.

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