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Redmont Consulting Group is a Strategic Consulting Firm specializing in the delivery of value-added location advisory and economic development solutions that Enhance Client Performance, Promote Value Creation, and Boost Competitive Advantage. Drawing upon the extensive expertise of its principals, the firm provides a comprehensive array of advisory services to companies and communities with the express goal of Developing Business Partnerships with our Clients that are Long-Term, Strategic, Value-Based and Interdependent. RCG, in conjunction with its strategic partners, offers its Clients a unique delivery method that is designed to minimize the critical path associated with project delivery and optimize results. Through this format, RCG assists its Clients in meeting the needs of their rapidly changing business environments.


At RCG, we recognize that the bond of trust that exists between the firm and our Clients is the sole basis for our future.  We strive to support our Clients by building long-term, collaborative relationships and continually delivering on our commitments.  We understand that our Clients possess superior industry knowledge and that the value we bring is one of perspective and insight that allows our Clients to address the most challenging issues facing their businesses or community.  We are expected to be uncompromising in our analytics and a source for ideas and knowledge.  To this end, we have established five basic premises on which we operate our business.  They are as follows:

  • To Continually Seek and Deliver the Optimal Solution for Our Clients
  • To Build our Business through an Unyielding Commitment to Analytical Superiority, Integrity, and Trust
  • To Hold and Protect the Confidentiality/Privacy of our Clients and their respective Business Practices
  • To Attract, Stimulate, and Retain the Best and the Brightest
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